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The X Factor
X Factor

What is the X Factor?

What is the X Factor?
The X-Factor is the term coined to describe the result of tension at all corners and connection points of an XPRESSIONS® skin, when on a frame. The artwork on any skin will then be stretched, with the least amount of distortion at the very center of the skin, and the most amount within the outer 3-5 inches of the skin.

Is it a "live area"?
NO. The X-Factor is not a live area. The definition of a live area is any artwork that falls within the visual area of a print. The entire skin is a visual area, it is just distorted by the nature of the product.

Does it have to be distorted?
YES. Because the fabric is under tension as soon as the frame is set up, the printed artwork will always be distorted. If a lesser degree of distortion is required then a non-stretch material can be used, but it does not eliminate the distortion effect completely.

What if I don't want it distorted?
If no distortion is a requirement for the artwork being printed, and a pop-up solution is also a requirement for the project, then a V-BurstTM is recommended in place of an Xpressions® frame.

For every quad, there is an X-Factor distortion effect. A 1x1 skin has 1 X-Factor, where a 2x2 skin has 4.

X Factor
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